My name is David Hriberski, and I’m passionate about using my success story to inspire others. I want to dare you to dream, no matter how your circumstances may look today. There’s nothing you can’t achieve, and you can be anyone you want to be. In fact, it’s your DUTY to create your own success – but you also need to be realistic. Have the courage to follow your heart, but remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, everything will suddenly fall into place one day, but “that night” is the result of years of hard work

David Hriberski



I want to inspire you to achieve your dreams, with the knowledge and confidence you need to:

  • Rise every time you fall
  • Keep your finger on a steady stream of inspiration
  • Understand how to stay motivated, even on “bad days”
  • Cut through self-limiting fears
  • Turn down the unsupportive voice in your head saying “you can’t”
  • Find and seize opportunities life throws at you
  • Surround yourself with supportive people
  • Re-program yourself for success
  • Create your own luck
  • Start every morning in a positive emotional state, ready to WIN the day
  • Appreciate yourself and learn to think bigger
  • Find more energy and positivity across every aspect of your life
  • Toughen up, become more resilient, and stop quitting so easily

Each and every one of us has an exceptional story to write and share with the world. All you need to do is dare to live that dream, find the courage to express your talents, and discover the audacity to live YOUR dreams on YOUR terms.

I want to show you how to do this, using my own experiences to break your limiting beliefs and teach you how to excel in every aspect of your life. I’m passionate about using my story to inspire the masses. It doesn’t matter where you are today. All that matters is where you want to be – I’ll show you how to build the bridge and get there.

If you’re reading this, you surely know that your story is bigger than the one you’re living right now.

You must feel it, right? Are you ready to start truly living your life and making the most of every moment? There’s no better time than now. I know things haven’t been easy for you, but all of us endure failure, a broken heart, an empty wallet…in fact, it’s in testing times like these that we build strength and become better people. Adverse events are often blessings in disguise, pushing you further towards your goals by sharpening your drive, grit, and tenacity.

Never stop working on yourself or pushing to become better, and remember – the best lives happen FOR us and SUPPORT us. One day, you’ll look back on your life and realize that it all made sense. You’ll thank yourself for taking action and for choosing NOT to live a life dictated by others. Live the future YOU want, even if it seems crazy to everyone else.

P.S. At the end of each chapter, you’ll receive a surprise gift – words of inspiration that changed my own life. I believe they’ll change yours too.

I also added for you in my book stories of successes of three other people I admire so you will get an extra motivation:

Matic Vizjak was jobless and registered at the Employment Service. He has created the brand CHILLI WINE with the idea and wish.

Tadeja Sumper lost everything overnight, the roof over her head and finances, and was left alone with two children. But with her big enthusiasm, great will and diligence she raised above all the obstacles and started living a happy and successful life.

Gregor Sodja became a successful entrepreneur due to his great desire, determination and hard work. He is also a father and a musician in a Slovenian ensemble called Karavanke.

All these and many more is written in my book because I want to inspire you to achieve all not only you truly want but what you deserve as well. Now it is the right time to start living a life you have always dreamed of.


For me, the confirmation or sign was the traffic lights in Las Vegas in October 2013.

The red light. I was the driver of the rented Ford. I was the first in the long line due to its heavy traffic. I was changing the radio station to find some good music. When I looked over the crossroads, a truck with a huge sign over the whole trailer stopped: ‘YOUR STORY IS BIGGER THAN YOU THINK.’ Wow!

It was there in the middle of the crossroads like it was meant to be seen by me. It was standing there for some time like it wanted to be sure I really could see it. And oh yes, I saw it. Not just noticed but I really – DID SEE it! I took my phone for taking a photo. At that moment my inner voice told me I had to write a book about my story, which is ‘bigger than I think’ and share it with others. I knew that day would eventually come. I just couldn’t overhear not only my loud thoughts but also my feelings.

Books have always extremely helped me. They have given me all the necessary knowledge and motivation when I have needed them most. They have been the only ones which have motivated me because I haven’t found true motivating friends in my neighbourhood. Then I promised myself to write my own book with my story to influence positively and inspire people to follow their own dreams.

I have also had a feeling I have to show myself as an example of how to achieve own goals. I have known as well that when I achieve all the goals and when I make my dreams from my ‘vision board’ to become reality, I’ll be able to write a book.


Matej ★★★★★

Wow! I’ve read so many books lately and I have to admit that none of them have inspired me as much as David’s. I like it because it is written from actual life, ie.from practice and not just from theory. David, thank you again for having a chance of following you and for giving me the energy needed on my way to reach my dreams. Everyone who wants to change his life and improve himself, should read this book. 


Estera ★★★★★

The book you have written is extraordinary. It is so nice of you to share with us all your experience and all your knowledge gained. You have paid for all of it not just finacially but also emotionally. I like it that you haven’t stopped when you have achieved all your goals from your ‘vision board’. You have felt the need to achieve more. And to share all of it with us. To help the rest of us. Many would stop. I like that you have changed yourself from a ‘tough guy’ to a successful entrepreneur who inspires others. But the thing that has touched me most is that if you are grateful, you simply cannot be angry. And it’s so true, ie. if we are grateful each day with what we have, there is no space for anger or negative thoughts.  

Kristjan ★★★★★

This book is not just about an amazing story of an ordinary mortal individual but it carries a priceless function. To me, you are a motivator who inspires me to continue my path until I reach my goal.  


Nik ★★★★★

David surprises me with his book. You simply mustn’t stop following your dreams and wishes in your life no matter what can happen to you. This book gives you a point of view of a world with no limits to achieve your goals.


Vanja ★★★★★

David, thank you for your story. We can all find ourselves in it. There are so many motivational in encouraging thoughts in it that I can call it my own encyclopedia.


Kristina ★★★★★

The book is an energetic package. If you know David, then you know WHAT I am talking about. When he talks about himself and his beliefs, it seems nothing is impossible. Thank you for your love and for sharing this with us.  


Ivana ★★★★★

I am really thrilled with your book!!! I have to admit I haven’t been a book fan but your story overwhelmed me so much to read the whole book in one day. To me, it is one of those books that you can read multiple times. The quotes and thoughts at the end of every chapter impressed me extremely. I highly recommend it to each and everyone. Congratulations for the book and all the best in the future! 


Tadeja Zupan Arsov ★★★★★

‘The dreamers are the ones who change the world’ is a sentence David concludes his tense but excellent and fluently written book with. I laughed at the Snježana Ristić’sentence written in the spirit – If  we want to fulfill our dreams, we should stop dreaming and start doing something! David has chosen the middle between two chairs: a triumphant position. David is not just a dreamer but also a doer. He dreams but he also takes action with all the pleasure encouraging him and others. When I have heard about him, I have known this boy does everything fully and with all his heart. You simply cannot fake it.  


Klavdija ★★★★★

David, thank you for your story and for sharing it with us – to be a part of it. I have read a plenty of books of this type but yours literally blows my mind away. It is full of motivation and encouraging words everyone should read it at least once.


Timo Malnarič ★★★★★

There is a lack of people who can motivate and inspire others. We all need inspiration in different periods of our lives because we live in an unpleasant time full of negative and fearful information, that simply paralyze us. David can give you what you need to move forward. You should read the book because it is so readable and it makes you think. If not something more.


Petra Škarja ★★★★★

When David mentioned his book to me, I first thought to myself, ‘It is just one of those classical motivational books in the American style.’ But I was wrong. The book touched me – especially the part about the loss of his brother. It is so extraordinary and positive that you can feel all the real emotions in the story. But despite all the tough moments in our lives, we can step high, move forward and succeed. David is as special as it is his book. I highly recommend it!


Nina ★★★★★

The book is amazing. I am ordering another one soon as a gift for someone special. Your story and your way of thinking must be shared with the world. My grandmother had read the book before me. When I received the book, I was reading the other book but I noticed how she was checking the book cover. And I told her she could read it first. She prefers reading newspapers. She reads them loudly, and she was reading this book the same way as well. I was there by chance while she was reading the first pages. I was making lunch while she was reading loudly. She stopped reading when she got to the first sentence, ‘If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl. It doesn’t matter what you chose but move forward.’ – Martin Luther King Jr.

Then she read that same quote three more times. Afterwards, she put down the book and said to me, ‘It’s a pity you haven’t bought the book much earlier. And despite that, it is not too late and it is good you have bought it. It will be your life companion. The author of this book has gathered all the life wisdom in one place.’

Her words woke me up. At the age of  90 and with so many experience, she is the right person to give me such advice. I read the book myself immediately she had. David, your story is something special. I bet everyone can find at least one thing, one wisdom for himself, to help him achieve his life goals. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Edvard Kadič – Delta Life Coach, a communication and personal growth expert ★★★★★

This book is a true energetic bomb, full of calls for taking action. It has the idea that each and everyone of us is capable of gathering enough strength to rise and exceed all the troubles. Reading doesn’t only leave a reader cold, and also following the suggestions of changes David sets page by page makes the point. I highly recommend it.


Nuša Rojs ★★★★★

This book has found me in my most miserable part of life. It has been all needed to make a step forward. I have known I have been on the right track not to move backwards but the problem has been how to do it. This book has been a great encouragement for me. I have realized I have not been the only one dealing with all variety of things in my life and I have finally understood why those things have been happening to me. I have never been a book fan but I have breathed days and nights with the book. I have been so curious about each David’s step in his life and the way he managed to get out from the vicious circle. Descriptions are short, concise, comprehensible, followed by his life situations. Besides all the described steps and techniques for succeeding, I have been excited even more about introducing us to his YouTube friends. I have started following them by myself on a daily basis to lift me up, teach me and prepare me for a better life. David is an excellent motivator. He constantly shares some new advice on the social media. You should find him and follow him – you won’t regret it!


Špela Kresnik ★★★★★

David’s book is one of those books you can read in one breath because it is hard to stop reading such an interesting story. I think it should be part of school reading. Everyone who wants to succeed should read this book as well. The thing I like David’s book most because he tells everything the way it is and he dares express his painful feelings. Through reading of this book I have got so many confirmations that despite all my falls, I have had experienced in life, I have been on the right path. Thank you, David, for sharing your story which is a reminder that persistence eventually pays off. I believe this book has already touched many people and will continue moving many more.


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